Best Cruisers Near Plano, TX at Hopper’s Cycles

Everyone wants to own a beautiful cruiser. Imagine the low riding, high handle, Harley Davidson cruising all over the country. Cruisers are the motorcycle of America, they are embedded into our culture. Today, lots of places offer cruisers from many different brands but they often upcharge because of the appeal. Hopper’s Cycles, based in Plano, TX, offers an extensive collection at a great price for you! Browse our online collection for a cruiser today and if one catches your eye, then you set up a test drive today!

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Why Buy a Cruiser Near Plano, TX

Cruisers are a very popular kind of motorcycle. Their popularity stems not just from the style and look but also the comfort, power, and long distance capabilities. A strong engine creates a good ride that will allow you to tackle any road. A well made cruiser will be able to handle the twisted, curvy mountain roads as well as the long highway miles. With long distance riding in mind, cruiser manufacturers have devoted themselves to comfort. A low ride and padded seats allow you to just sit back and relax as you ride past the world. Of course, cruisers do tend to be heavier and weigh a little more so that needs to be kept in mind. That heaviness does allow you to immediately make an impact on those around you. Cruisers stand out and the size of many cruisers really does draw the eye.

Harley Davidson Models at Hopper’s Cycles

When it comes to cruisers, the immediate brand that comes to mind is Harley Davidson. They are the manufacturer in the cruiser world. Always in high demand, Harley Davidson cruisers dominate the market. There are other brands that deserve our attention but it’s always about Harley Davidson. Luckily, the inventory of Hopper’s Cycles has more than a few Harley Davidson. Check out some of our Low Riders for sale. All of our bikes have been inspected by our experienced and technical staff so these models will work perfectly well. Some are a little older, some are a little newer but they are powerful machines. You might also want to examine some of our Breakout models. These models are all excellent machines but don’t come at a crazy price point. You can even find some classic models for sale. For any accessories or parts, Hopper’s Cycles has a full service shop that you can stop by or order from online. If you want to work on your motorcycle, we have a service and parts shop as well. Anything you need to make your bike your own, we have.

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Why Shop at Hopper’s

Our instance to serving customers is something we have stood by throughout our history. Instead of squeezing every dime out of you, we want you to share our love for motorcycles and the beautiful ride they offer. That’s why our bikes come at reasonable prices for you to get. The financing team at Hopper’s is always willing and able to help as well, we have worked with all kinds of credit for many years. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please give us a call! We’d love to chat and for you to begin your motorcycle journey with us.

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