Best Motorcycle Rides in North Texas

Whether you live in Dallas and want to find some new local routes or plan on visiting North Texas on your motorcycle soon, we’ve got some recommendations for you. These routes show off the beauty of the lakes, rivers, hills, and forests that cover the countryside, and we know you’re going to love exploring them. If you need anything before you go, don’t forget that Hopper’s Cycles is always here to help you travel in comfort and style.

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See Lake Worth on the Lizard’s Tail

Tracing Lake Worth’s west bank, the Lizard’s Tail is a calm, shady ride with plenty of beautiful scenery that still keeps you close to the city. A park around the halfway point makes for a great spot to relax and enjoy the lake on foot for a time, and the flowers that bloom along the entire stretch are quite a sight in the spring. There are a few sharp turns and twists on this route, but on the whole it makes for a relaxing afternoon outing.

Enjoy the Countryside on Texas Turns, Turns, and More Turns

If you want to get a little further from DFW, this fantastic route starts in our very own Plano and then winds through the beautiful hills on the way to Bonham. As the name suggests, you’ll get your fill of twists and turns, but all that work comes with some beautiful views of the prairie. Make sure you schedule enough time to grab a bite to eat and take a breather in Bonham State Park before heading home.

Grab Dinner After a Ride to Hard 8 BBQ

Speaking of eating, we can’t recommend highly enough the trip out to Hard 8 BBQ in Stephenville. Not only is the food good, but the gently winding roads through the Palo Pinto Mountains between there and Wetherford are a sight to behold, especially when covered in bluebonnets all spring. It’s a significant ride there and back, but there are plenty of great towns to fuel up and take a breather in, including Weatherford, Mineral Wells, and Palo Pinto.

Get Away For a While on the Red River Cruise

This fantastic loop up and out of Denton takes you through the gorgeous Red River valley as you travel through Montague County. It’s not all untouched nature though, as this path also takes you past a stunning and futuristic wind farm full of towering turbines. Services are a little light on some stretches of the loop, so make sure you take a moment to eat and fill up when you pass through Munster and St. Jo.

Gear Up for Your Next Outing at Hopper’s Cycles in Plano, TX

Before you set out on your next adventure, make sure all of your equipment is ready to go too. If you need service, new accessories, or an upgrade to your old bike, don’t wait to come by Hopper’s Cycles. We’re always here to help you get ready for the road ahead.

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