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Best Sport Bikes Near Plano, TX at Hopper’s Cycles

Nothing beats blitzing down the road feeling every turn and rushing past every sign. Riding a motorcycle is one of life’s great gifts and nothing beats a beautiful sport bike. Built for speed and precision, a well built and maintained sport bike offers a ride unlike anything you’ve ever ridden before. Hopper’s Cycles offers a wide selection of sport bikes at a reasonable price for you to choose from. Our online store has our full inventory and if there’s something you like, schedule a test drive today!

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Why Buy a Sport Bike in Plano, TX

Hopper’s Cycles has many different bikes for sale but we’re proud to highlight the extensive sport bikes collection. Sport bikes offer an exhilarating and intense ride that is what riding a motorcycle is all about. These kinds of bikes can easily reach and surpass racing car speeds, making these bikes some of the most impressive moments of machinery on the planet. In particular, the Aprillia brand exemplifies the greatness and performance that is synonymous with sport bikes. Their RSV4 line immediately comes to mind. This model has a striking, modern look that isn’t just gorgeous but also a monster on the road. Responsive to the softest touch and capable of reaching speeds exceeding 170 mph the RSV4 will be an excellent choice for anyone looking for the ride of their life.

Best Sport Bikes at Hopper’s Cycles

Of course, there are plenty of other brands to choose from. Such options include our varied selection of Ducati sport bikes. You might want to look at a model such as the HyperMotard. More sparse, this model can still pack an insane punch that will impress everyone in the area. There are plenty of Suzuki models as well. Long a mainstay in the industry, Suzuki provides excellent constructions and performance for the first time rider. Instead of worrying about ruining a luxurious bike, you can go through growing pains with a bike that will last for years.



Why Buy at Hopper’s Cycles

Many dealerships might sell an odd bike or two, but Hopper’s Cycles is one of the few places around Plano, TX that truly specializes in motorcycles. Our staff is fully trained to work with motorcycles that have years of experience behind them. Rest assured that if we’re selling a bike, then it has been intensively inspected and looked over to ensure that it’s in excellent condition. We also provide a great shop full of accessories for you to fully make your bike your own. Financing is also uniquely easy with us as we make the application easy and transparent for your benefit.

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Shop and Schedule a Test Drive Today!

You can call or visit us online to begin the process. Our online form is easily accessible and simple to fill out. We will work with you set up a reasonable payment plan that works for you. Hopper’s Cycles has served the Plano area for many years by emphasizing the customer and serving our community. It’s not something we’re going to abandon now after all these years. While shopping online, keep this in mind and always feel comfortable reaching out, we’d love to help. If you see something you like, schedule a test drive and begin your motorcycle journey today!

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