Event Calendar

When we created Hopper’s Cycles, we knew that we wanted to be involved with our community in a way no other dealership has been. We wanted to speak to the biker lifestyle, because we know this is more than just a vehicle. Motorcycles have created incredible unity over the years, and Hopper’s Cycles wants to continue that tradition. That’s why we regularly plan events that are for the entire bike community to enjoy! Be sure to check this page regularly to see if there are any events you can attend, and get to know fellow bikers in the McKinney and Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We’re Not Like Other Bike Dealerships

Our motto is to sell bikes without the infamous pushiness of a regular dealership. Large bike sellers are focused on the sale, not the customer. They work strictly for their commissions, and they don’t listen to what you need. Hopper’s Cycles has vowed to dedicate our business to the biking community of Texas and beyond. Here, our laid-back atmosphere will help you feel at ease while you’re shopping. This casual relationship extends to our buying process and beyond, where we open our arms to anyone interested in biking. From Bikes & Coffee to regular night rides, we hope to bring bikers together.

Catering to Bikers and Only Bikers

We require a motorcycle license for a sale, which means we don’t sell to just anyone. Other dealerships allow inexperienced drivers to pilot a bike, because they aren’t concerned with the consequences. We believe that biking is a lifestyle. If you’re buying your first bike, we’ll give you a warm welcome along with a lasting family relationship. We’ll always be here for future events, so if you want to expand your network and grow friendships, keeping up with Hopper’s Cycles is the best way to do it.

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We’re always ready for your call! If you have any questions about our future events, be sure to drop us a line. Hopper’s Cycles is ready to bring you into the biker family. We’ll do everything in our power to find you the bike you deserve, just before we include you in our loving community. Get to know your fellow bikers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and enjoy you bike to the fullest!