Great Motorcycle Trips in Texas

There’s no better way to experience the beauty of Texas than cruising through it on your favorite bike. Let’s take a look at some of the best routes in the state for discovering the beauty of the open road. And remember, if you need anything, Hopper’s is here to help you travel in style and comfort.

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Experience the Thrills of the Twisted Sisters

If you’re looking for a route that offers a little bit of everything, from beautiful rivers to the tops of cliffs, the Twisted Sisters has it all. This can be a challenging route for new drivers, but if you’re comfortable on your cycle, you’ll have incomparable views of the Texas countryside as you wind through the hills and valleys for about 100 miles. If you’ve got some time to ride, we know you’ll love this tour of TX 335, TX 336, and TX 337.

Wind Along the Guadalupe River Road

Located outside of San Antonio, Guadalupe River Road winds along and across its namesake river. Full of low bridge crossings, you’ll have a beautiful view of the water the entire time you’re weaving through the valley on this alternative to route 306. Be aware, this isn’t a route to take during bad weather. As nice as it is to cross on bridges low to the water, they sometimes get washed out after a storm.

Travel the Rio Grande on Your Motorcycle

If you head south out of Alpine on Hwy 118, you’ll quickly find yourself approaching the beautiful mountains of Big Bend National Park. Once you hit the park, you can head west on 170 to meander along the national border, overlooking beautiful cliffs for much of the way. If you want a longer trip, consider taking the Rose Maxwell Scenic Drive once you reach Big Bend. You won’t regret the view as you hit the Santa Elena Canyon Overlook at the end.

Challenge Yourself on Hippy Hollow Horror

Winding west out of Austin, Hippy Hollow Horror follows the Colorado River, starting by Lake Travis and heading up to Marble Falls. With great views of the river the entire time and plenty of places to pull off and explore, you’re sure to love the scenery. Just be aware of the street signs along the way, and be sure to take warnings about 10mph curves seriously, as the route contains plenty of hairpin turns.

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