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The History Of Polaris Bikes

Explore Pre-Owned Polaris Bikes in Plano, TX

In the mid-1950s Hetteen Hoist & Derrick manufactured custom machine parts for local farmers in Minnesota. While the owner Edgar was away, his brother and some of the other employees used company resources to create the first snowmobile. When Edgar got back, he was pretty mad. Nevertheless, as time went on, Edgar saw the potential in snowmobiles and took a direct hand in developing them for the market. The Hetteen brothers made history with the snowmobile, but they didn’t stop there. Theirs would become the iconic Polaris brand, which has since gone on to make all-terrain vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, and motorcycles. Still based in Minnesota, they took over the Indian motorcycle brand in 2012, polishing back to a brilliant luster the sheen of the first American motorcycle company.

Polaris Thinks Outside the Box in Plano, TX

Polaris is a brand that is always seeking to innovate. It bought the Indian imprint, but Polaris also makes other vehicles like ATVs and the unique three-wheeled motorcycle they call the Sling Shot. It’s obvious that Polaris vehicles are designed for maximum outdoor fun. Polaris also pride themselves on creating vehicles that handle at peak performance. This didn’t escape the notice of the U.S. military when they commissioned Polaris to make vehicles that must withstand the rigorous demands of the war theater. There’s no question that when you buy a Polaris, you’re getting a top-notch, state-of-the-art machine.

Hoppers Cycles has Pre-Owned Polaris Bikes and ATVs in Plano TX

Not only do we get the iconic Indian brand on our lot, but we also have an assortment of pre-owned Polaris ATVs and Sling Shots. The Sling Shot kicks up a lot of horsepower and hits triple-digit speeds. It’s a two-seater, so you can have a passenger beside you, and there’s no question that people will stop to ogle at you as you zip down the road. It comes in all sorts of fun color schemes. Prior to 2020, their models had manual transmissions, but from 2020 on Polaris fitted them with an automatic transmission option, and they’ve added paddle shifters to some models. Our Polaris Sportsman ATVs are great for off-road adventures as well as just getting around. Our Indian bikes not only call to mind a simpler time but blast into the future with aggressive power and performance.

Hoppers Cycles for Off and On-Road Fun in Plano, TX

We like to have fun here at Hoppers. Sometimes we do special events like Bike Night & Ride or Bikes & Coffee. We love motorcycles, as well as any other vehicle that thrills us with a wide-open view of the road and sky with the wind in your hair. We want you to know, too, that service doesn’t stop with a sale. You can text our service department anytime to make an appointment. If you have any questions, call us, contact us online or just head on into the dealership for a chat. We’re happy to help!

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