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Yamaha Motorcycle Review in Plano, TX

Whether you’re tackling long-distance routes or cruising around the city, there is likely a Yamaha for your lifestyle. Yamaha is known for offering an impressive list of models for riders, and when it comes to motorcycles, their selection doesn’t fall short. Keep reading to discover why you should buy a used Yamaha in Plano. Once you’re ready to discover the benefits of our Yamaha models, we’d love to see you at Hopper’s Cycles!

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Brief History of Yamaha Bikes

The first Yamaha Motorcycle came to America in 1958. Since then, Yamaha bikes have taken the road, undeniably hard to miss. Yamaha has bikes designed for racing, commutes, exploring trails, cruising around the city, and going on long-distance trips. At Hopper Cycles, we have a great selection of Yamaha bikes available. Most riders that seek out a Yamaha are looking for the agile performance that Yamaha is known for when it comes to tight turns, easy handling, and smooth systems. Only high-quality materials have ever been used to craft a Yamaha and are well enough alone for riders to choose a Yamaha model.

Yamaha Motorcycle Models

Well-known for having many models, Yamaha motorcycles are abundant. However, some models we’d like to highlight include the following.

Yamaha Bolt

The Yamaha Bolt is a simply designed motorcycle with a heavy focus on fun. It’s pretty old-fashioned compared to the rest, but it hits a sweet spot when it comes to the cruiser world. Due to its simplicity, riders find it easy to work on many ways to add customization.

Yamaha Niken

If you have ever considered a three-wheel motorcycle, the Yamaha Niken may be worth consideration. The Yamaha Niken is slightly different though, as its third wheel is at the front. While most may question the design, the extra front tire actually increases stability and offers more grip to those tight turns. Other than its look, it’s like another impressive motorcycle that goes fast.

Yamaha V Star

Soft and traditional, the Yamaha V Star is a low-sweat bike that is great for new riders. It has enough power for cruising through Plano and has a great deal of comfort. If you’re looking for a timelessly classic bike, the Yamaha V Star may be the model.

Why Buy a Used Yamaha at Hopper’s Cycles?

If you’re looking for Yamaha motorcycles in Plano, stop by our used motorcycle-only dealer and see what we offer! We’re proud to have Yamaha motorcycles in our inventory as Yamaha has been a longtime, reliable motor line. Whether you’re looking for a specific Yamaha model like the classic Yamaha V Star or three-wheel Niken, our inventory is one of the best places to start looking.

Explore Motorcycles in Plano, TX

Between leisure riding, everyday commuting, or racing, motorcycles have plenty of perks and are fun to ride. At Hopper’s Cycles, we have more than Yamaha motorcycles for sale, so we’d love for you to explore our inventory. We also proudly offer a full customer experience where you can purchase accessories or schedule service for your bike. Come pay us a visit to see for yourself!

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