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Vintage Motorcycle Shops in Plano, TX

If you love motorcycles as much as we do, you share our appreciation and obsession with vintage motorcycles. These bikes are the very same that got us interested in riding in the first place and are important parts of motorcycle culture. As prized possessions, vintage motorcycles can be difficult to find, unless you know where to look. Shop vintage motorcycles for sale at Hopper's Cycles in Plano, TX, today!

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Our Collection of Motorcycles at Hopper's Cycles

At Hopper's Cycles, we take great pride in our extensive selection of pre-owned motorcycles. While we have multiple late-model low-mileage bikes for sale, a large part of our collection consists of vintage favorites. Our used motorcycle inventory includes models from all your favorite manufacturers such as Harley Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki, and Triumph. Find all your favorite models for sale in our inventory and become the proud owner of a vintage motorcycle in Plano, TX, today.

What Makes a Motorcycle Vintage

While definitions may vary depending on who you talk to, vintage motorcycles are generally at least 20-25 years old. A lot of times, you can tell a bike is vintage just by looking at it. A good vintage bike will take you back in time to the year it rolled off the assembly line. While it is acceptable for vintage bikes to have had repairs, to maintain vintage status, the motorcycles must retain their original look from when they were manufactured. If the motorcycle has been gutted and had a lot of replacement parts added, it can still be a cool old motorcycle, but it will lose its vintage status. Some of the most popular vintage bikes come from famous manufacturers like Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, and Honda, but a vintage bike could be any make or model.

Why Buy a Vintage Motorcycle?

If you're looking to own a piece of history, buying a vintage motorcycle is a great place to start. With any hobby, it's important to respect your roots, and owning a vintage bike is an excellent way to pay homage to all those that paved the way for modern motorcycles. Plus, if you really like the look of vintage motorcycles, there is no better way to scratch the itch than by buying your very own vintage bike. You'll gain the respect and the envy of your fellow riders, as well as have an easy conversation starter wherever you ride. At Hopper's Cycles, we have an extensive inventory that includes multiple vintage models for you to choose from. Shop online or in person and get yourself a vintage motorcycle that you'll love at Hopper's Cycles in Plano, TX, today!

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At Hopper's Cycles, we love everything about motorcycles. That's why we are such a great place to shop at. Our staff is incredibly knowledgeable, and we tune up all our bikes to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Contact Hopper's Cycles to learn more about our vintage motorcycle inventory today!

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