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What is the fastest Motorcycle? - Find Out in Plano, TX

While not everyone riding on two wheels has an issue with the wind blowing up their outfit or against their accessories, the need for speed isn’t overlooked often. Those who are fans of riding know that speed is a characteristic that must be taken into account. Speed is a great quality for a motorcycle to contain. So what is the fastest motorcycle? As there have been many models created to break speed records, the bike that holds the fastest motorcycle title is constantly changing, but we’ll dive into the top 3.

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Move Fast in a Motorcycle

If you’re looking into a high-speed motorcycle, then it’s only natural to wonder what is the fastest motorcycle. While most manufacturers update lines of motorcycles every year or so, some bikes have remained among the fastest, including the following three.

MTT 420-RRR: 273 mph

The MTT made the Guinness Book of World Records the fastest motorcycle. As the fastest with a reach of up to 420 horsepower, it’s no secret why the motorcycle is also one of the most expensive. The motorcycle is truly about speed, as its straight-line design provides ease for turns.

Kawasaki Ninja H2: 210 mph

For those with skill and confidence, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 is one of the highest-performing bikes you can take on the road. With a supercharged engine, the Kawasaki doesn’t fall short of comprehensive electronics to let you know when it's time for service.

Lighting LS-218: 218 mph

Those familiar with the history of motorcycles may have never thought about an all-electric motorcycle. However, as a fully electric motorcycle, the Lightning LS remains among the fastest. The bike is hefty yet has plenty of options that allow for a span of performance ranges for those who have the chance to steer.

Used Motorcycles at Hopper’s Cycles

Asking what is the fastest motorcycle is a great way to go miles into the history and many models of bikes. While the thrill may seem out of reach, that isn’t always the case. Some of the fastest bikes can be found used at a great price at our motorcycle dealership in Plano! As a used dealership, we have an ever-changing inventory that may contain one of the fastest motorcycles. For example, we have the Kawasaki brand, which has created one of the fastest motorcycles. And if you explore our inventory of bikes, you may come across another model that has made it among the long list of fast motorcycles.

Safety and Speed

Whether you’re thinking about getting a fast motorcycle or simply wondering about the benefits, there is one thing that should be kept in mind. Your safety. Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind, just as if you were operating another vehicle. Being safe on a motorcycle is more than just knowing how to balance, use coordination, and have good judgment. It’s also about your accessories and maintaining bike service.

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