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What Type of Motorcycle is Best for You?

There are all kinds of motorcycles to choose from. If you’re just starting out, the variety of choices can often overwhelm and shock a first time buyer. Hoppers Cycles will try to alleviate those concerns and help guide you in the process to make sure you walk away happy, satisfied, and excited! This article will shed some light on different bikes that fit different lifestyles and needs. Our online shop has an extensive collection of used bikes you can browse to begin your motorcycle journey today!

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Sportbikes and Dual Sport Bikes in Plano, TX

For the daredevil and adventure type, we highly recommend sportbikes and dual sport models. Sportbikes are the most powerful, fastest, and stylish bike models in the world. Easily capable of reaching racing car speeds, depending on the bike, these bikes are incredibly powerful and come equipped with the best tech in a sleek and modern look. Of course, that speed needs experienced hands to ride well and if you’re not careful can easily lead to breaking speed limits. Over long distances, these bikes can also start to feel uncomfortable.

One such model is the Aprilla Tuano V4. Dual sport bikes don’t have the same emphasis on speed and power but excel in versatility. With both road and off-road capabilities in mind, dual sport bikes retain the comfort and ride of road bikes with the handling and experience of dirt bikes. Long distance suspension combined with a motor for distance allows dual sport bikes a level of versatility that’s impossible for other models to match. They make great commuter and travel bikes for that very reason. Of course, due to their construction, these models often sit up high and above the ground, making them a less-than-desirable choice for shorter people. There are options for seat lowering and a lowering kit if you still want one.

Touring and Cruisers in Plano, TX

Touring bikes, compared to the bikes above, are much bigger and allow for the kind of cross-country trips typically reserved for larger vehicles. With enough storage space to fit all of your gear, you can easily go all over the globe with this kind of bike. With long-distance travel in mind, touring bikes are extremely comfortable and luxurious to ride in. Very reliable and powerful, these bikes make for an excellent ride. The extra storage and space does mean that the touring bikes do not offer the same responsive handling seen in sportbikes. These bikes are simply bulkier and larger, but that doesn’t mean they’re still not a great ride. Some bikes that fit this mold are the Honda Goldwing or the Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. The classic Harley Davidson Cruiser is always recommended. Smaller and medium cruiser models make great beginner choices because of their easy handling, controllable power output, and great look are very appealing. They don’t have the top-end speed of sportbikes but they do offer a lot of extensions and customization to truly make your cruiser your own. Any Harley Davidson model fits this description along with a few other manufacturers.

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Whether you’re just starting out with motorcycles or are an experienced rider, there’s a lot of information out there. Luckily, the experienced and talented staff at Hoppers Cycles would be happy to guide you and help with any questions you might have. Our online store has an extensive collection of reasonably priced bikes that you will love. If you see one you like, we can even set up a test drive for you to experience a great ride for yourself. You can set one up online or call today, we’d love to talk with you!

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